Cycling Retreats Provide Fun and Recreation for All Ages

The growing popularity of cycling along with the desire to seek a holiday or vacation different from long-held traditional ideas. Cycling retreats offer fun and exercise in idyllic settings and are found all over the world and helps you break that mold.

There are hundreds of options worldwide for getting on your bike and using it as part of your vacation. A holiday riding journey might sound like more work than you might want, but it’s actually incredibly relaxing.

Choose the ride that’s right for you

It’s important to pick a retreat that is around the same level as your riding ability. You don’t want to spend a couple of weeks doing nothing but trying to keep up. That said, you do want to challenge yourself. Research how many miles a day groups on your retreat are doing and the type of terrain, then choose the right fit.

To go through each day within your riding ability but pushing a little more will give you a sense of accomplishment much bigger than trying to take on too much and flaming out. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and eat appropriate foods as well.

Pairing with other interests

Combining your bike retreat with other activities can enhance your experience. Cycling retreats centered around wine tasting are a nice choice. You ride from vineyard to vineyard, enjoying wonderful scenery along the way.

Learning about historical sites can be accomplished the same way. Touring battlefields, important cultural sites, or interesting old towns informs while you are exercising. Or perhaps a culinary cycling adventure is for you, riding from one gastronomic discovery to another.

Combining camping with cycling

Perhaps a camping adventure where you cycle after breaking camp each day and arrive at the next site in time to set up your tent and enjoy the evening. You spend every night in a different place, maximizing sightseeing potential.

Not to mention that it’s just plain fun. Spend one night in rolling farmland before climbing into the mountains and then camping at elevation. Maybe the next night, be near a lake. Depending on where you choose to go, cycling down out of the mountains to a secluded beach could be on the itinerary.


The sense of being part of a like-minded community while on your bicycle retreat is something you will always treasure. You might even find yourself making life-long friendships. Even if that doesn’t happen, spending a few days with persons committed to enjoying their time off in the same fashion builds bonds.

Cycling retreats a great choice

Once you’ve done your research and decided which retreat is the one for you, rest assured that you will end your vacation rested and with a cornucopia of priceless memories to keep always. Modern communication technologies mean you may be able to keep in touch with the world back home more often than you might like, but the upside is how easy it is to keep track of your trip.

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